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Updated: 2008-10-16 07:43

Help farmers immediately

Comment on "Tough, uncertain days ahead" (China Daily, Oct 15)

To prevent cows from being slaughtered due to declining demand, the farmers need financial support by the government.

The government should step in and assist the farmers by buying the milk their cows produce as much as possible, otherwise China's dairy industry will be seriously affected in the coming days.

We hope the authorities will help the dairy farmers without further delay.

Ho Saiyuen

on China Daily website

Extend sales of Olympic postcards

The Olympic Common Domain (OCD), where the Bird's Nest, the Water Cube and the National Indoor Stadium are located, eclipsed Beijing's traditional attractions as tourists' first choices in the first two days of the Golden Week.

Fascinated, when I visited two post offices in the Postal Code 100016 area to buy a couple of postcards of Bird's Nest, I was told that this novelty cards are not available. Presumably sold out like hot cakes.

I wonder why China Post authorities did not anticipate such a demand. I suggest such postcards be sold at every post office in the country for at least six months.

R. Nambiar from India

via e-mail

We should face up to the fact

Comment on "Graduates face gloomy job market" (China Daily, Oct 14)

I believe I am truly affected by this article. It points out problems we college students will face in the near future, particularly when the whole world is suffering a devastating financial crisis. The whole world is cutting hundreds of jobs.

That means we will face more competitions and challenges in the world. It's very likely that we cannot find a job when we graduate.

As all kinds of major banks and governmental departments are preparing for further challenges, we are not prepared for the bad effects of the crisis. We have to prepare more because we are not experienced yet and we are very likely to encounter scores of obstacles. It's harsh, I know, but it is the truth.

Ma Mingming at Guangdong University

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Give us one more chance

There should be two or more college entrance examinations in China.

After the college entrance exam, our ears are filled with complaints about their failure. If you have any emergency during that time and miss the one chance, it means failure.

So in order to be more just, there should be two or more such exams. This may not only reduce cheating but also ease the pressure that the only one chance exerts on students.

Li Baoxia at Zhejiang Institute of Communication and Media

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