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Updated: 2008-10-15 07:46

Worries about land reform

Comment on Li Hong's column "Jump-starting rural development" (China Daily website, Oct 13)

My family lives in Northwestern China where corn and wheat are grown. I am afraid our land will be lost in this policy shift. What will we live on if we lose our land?


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Hard time for college graduates

Comment on "Graduates face gloomy job market" (China Daily, Oct 14)

For a graduate from college, it is hard for me to hunt for a job when I enter the job market.

Our family has paid a huge amount of tuition fee for us, but finally we earn even less than the ordinary migrant workers from our hometown.

Reality isn't as beautiful as we expected, so we have to face this kind of situation in modern society.

Luther Wu

on China Daily website

Perhaps it's no longer a wise choice to study further, especially to go to college. The fiercely competitive job market means you cannot live up to your own expectations.

As to the government, it should try its best to create more job opportunities. As to ourselves, we should lower our high expectations.


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People not different

Comment on Ashis Chakrabarti's column "Why do they fret about China's rise?" (China Daily, Oct 10)

As you can see there are many opinions about the "fear of the rise of China".

I have spent time in China and have many friends there.... we all are not so different. Our goals and values for a better life are the same. We all work hard to get ahead. We love, have families and try to give our children every advantage we can so that they will have a better life...I have also been to other Asian countries and they too share the "fear".

So what is the difference?

Not the people. Regardless of truth, perception is what wins the hearts and minds of the people in the end.

The challenge is to change the world's perception of China. Past history and small events speak for themselves. Hints of things that go on in daily life refer to the larger, more important events that can happen in the future.


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