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Updated: 2008-10-14 07:50

Say no to corruption

Comment on "Just say No to any kind of corruption" (China Daily, Oct 10)

Corruption is multifaceted, and bribery is one of its faces, which is very ugly, shameless and powerful. Black marketing is another cruel face. Any person indulging in corrupt practice has an unending greed for quick and easy money.

Like in many other countries, the practice of selling commodities without giving proper receipts to customers is in vogue in India too. The intention is to earn money illegally by evading payment of different types of taxes.

The government authorities are not in a position to do any thing in such cases since the deals are struck between the traders and customers covertly.

Every citizen must realize that not paying any type of tax due to the government is a punishable offence. Without generating revenue by way of taxes, no government would be in a position to plan its development.

In cities and towns of India, business people, particularly those running jewelry shops, create temptation among their customers to buy items without insisting on a proper receipt with tax details and thus avoid collection of taxes.

Unless every citizen takes a vow that he or she would never indulge in any sort of corrupt practices and would invariably be fair in all their financial dealings, total elimination of corruption and a truly harmonious society would remain a distant dream for ever.

R. Nambiar from India

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Good idea needs more consideration

Comment on "Farmers' income to be doubled" (China Daily, Oct 13)

The idea of improving rural residents' living conditions is good, but the most important thing, I think, is how to increase the residents' income so that the economic gap between rural and urban areas could be reduced.


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I hope this policy will not cause another round of inflation, because food is people's basic need.

If the price of grain increases dramatically, then the CPI will surely go up. I think food subsidy is a good way to increase the income of rural families.


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World needs new trade rules

Comment on "World leaders look for joint action on economy" (China Daily, Oct 13)

This crisis stems from the majority of the G7 nations. However it appears that other countries too are dragged down by them.

The world's interest rates, supply of money and the economy are controlled or at least dictated by the G7 countries. They also influence the prices of commodities.

The rest of the world should work in a way that if any rich country fails, the rest could minimize the impact. Some new rules must be put in place to monitor border trade and investments to curb speculation.

The world should also have systems to spell out the terms for free trade and to prevent unscrupulous business people or politicians from creating instruments that can endanger the world's wellbeing.


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