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Updated: 2008-10-10 07:44

Land test sparks debate

Comment on "Village a lab for further economic change" (China Daily, Oct 9)

Those who live on leasing out land and do not work will become decadent, which can become another social problem.

Live Well

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I'm afraid that land will be occupied in China in many rural areas. In many places, land is not used properly, falling into some local officials' hands for their image projects.

I hope we can leave some vacant space for our offspring.

Luther Wu

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Unhealthy stereotyping

Comment on "Scientist of Chinese origin wins Nobel chemistry prize" (China Daily, Oct 9)

This story demonstrates the kind of racial stereotyping that goes on in China, and it is not healthy. This guy is an American who couldn't speak Chinese, so the link to China is pretty tenuous.

This kind of racial profiling affects everyday life in China. I am a Chinese married to a non-Chinese Canadian guy. Our children are born in China but since they don't look all that Chinese they are labeled as "xiao wai", or little foreigners. My children hate this label since they are born here, speak fluent Chinese and know no other country.

At the end of the day this kind of racial profiling makes it too unhealthy for them to stay in China for a long time.


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Help the students

I have received many e-mails. Some persons only want to chat, to say they had been in the same situation when they were kids, or thank me for helping Chinese children, or tell me they often think helping but finally do nothing. Half ask for my account number and say they will deposit a donation.

I don't send the money anywhere, they don't have the possibility to use it. They need material. I use the money for buying wool-15 kg, that made 31 pulls, 150 pairs of socks, 139 pairs of shoes in Zhejiang, wholesale market; "qiu ku" (not bought yet), and so on.

I mark down every yuan spent. At the end I will make a report and send it to everyone who participated. After the clothes, if there is money left, I would like to offer two computers for teaching.

And 3000 yuan will pay a training for the youngest teacher via Project Hope, 15 days, Shanghai. After getting that certificate, his salary "may" be raised.

Lisa, author of "Children in remote Qinghai county desperately need warmth" published in China Daily on Sept 23

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Use safe packing

Comment on "Limits on melamine levels in milk products" (China Daily, Oct 9)

The story mentioned an official said "it is almost impossible to keep the melamine level at zero as small amounts of the chemical can leak from packaging into milk and other food products". So can we find safe packing that won't leak such chemicals to avoid bad incidents?


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