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Updated: 2008-09-24 07:48

More quality measures needed

Comment on "Top quality watchdog chief quits" (China Daily, Sept 23)

The scandal was not created by one person in one day. The government should take more measures to supervise product quality in the country more effectively. Just mentioning who was right or wrong is not enough.


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China should learn lessons from crisis

Comment on "Hu hopes US steps bear results soon" (China Daily, Sept 23)

The US banks are not that reliable. I wonder, why did so many Chinese banks buy their bonds? We should learn lessons from the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers.


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Car restrictions benefited Beijing

Comment on "Beijing's air quality fueling debate" (China Daily, Sept 22)

It is not just less pollution that was the benefit of getting cars off the streets during the Olympics, it was also the great improvement in quality of life for all of us living here. People could easily travel around the city in a stress-free environment - it was really good. Bus travel was good, with no delays. Taxis got around the city efficiently, and there was a harmonious feeling on the roads and few sounds of car horns.

Sadly the cars have returned and brought back the traffic jams. It should seem so obvious to all these motorists that life for everybody was so much better during the days of the car restriction. Surely everyone can see this. We cannot let this great city get jammed up again by cars. The government showed the way by restricting car use for two months.

Motorists should also remember how good it was with the cars off the road and should help to keep our environment cleaner by keeping their cars off the road. We have excellent public transport in Beijing and that is sustainable transport. Cars destroy the great work this city has achieved. Please leave your cars at home, for the sake of our city, and for everybody.

Bruce in Beijing

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More public transportation is part of the answer. Some Beijingers drive cars because they live far away from their workplaces and direct public transport links are not available.

Another method is taxing the use of cars. The best way may be through higher fuel taxes. In addition, China should bring in advanced technology. All new passenger cars in Beijing should meet the strictest standards or be hybrids. China is already benefiting from hybrid cars.


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