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Updated: 2008-09-19 07:46

The year of 2008, special and exciting

The Games was well organized because of professionalism.

Many thanks to Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games, special recognition to all volunteers, and special thanks to China Daily, which informed us on time every morning.

China is a marvelous country. People here are as hospitable as Canadians and my fellows in Cameroon.

But the main difficulty is communication. Few people speak English or French. Only the Chinese language dominates. Now I'm searching for a Chinese language center in my hometown of Douala, Cameroon.

Fernant Nenkam

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Basic responsibilities for the people

Comment on "Poison milk kills 3rd kid, infects more" (China Daily, Sept 18)

We should think about this serious incident deeply. Please remember that food safety and quality are manufacturers' basic responsibilities. They are responsible for people's health.

The relevant government leaders should also shoulder their responsibilities to monitor food safety.


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Thank you, Beijing

My name is Brian; I'm a retired carpenter, and I'm writing to you from my home in Fontana, California. And it is extremely rare for me to take time to write a letter. But I was so overwhelmed by how perfectly the Chinese people handled the entire Olympic Games.

Never in my life have I ever watched such magnificent opening and closing ceremonies. The national pride and unity of every Chinese citizen brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for being such a wonderful host to the entire world, and please know that your people have really earned our respect.

Brian Babcock, from California, the US

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