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Updated: 2008-09-16 07:36

Smiling mug shot not appropriate

Comment on "Governor quits; slush toll hits 254" (China Daily, Sept 15)

In my view, the selection of the mugshot of Wang Jun matching the story was not appropriate as the province just witnessed such a big disaster.

The smiling Wang may mislead readers that he was happy to get a new job even if it was selected from the archives. Facing such losses of lives no one could smile unless he was born in an inhuman family.

If I had the final say on this piece of the story, I would not publish the picture.

Li Yanqing

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Punish these criminals severely

Comment on "Milk centers targeted in probe" (China Daily, Sept 15)

Time and time again we saw these tragedies, but scandals continue.

I think it's time for the government to consider more severe punishments for the culprits and confiscate all their ill-gotten gains. Please remember that these culprits do this out of greed. Why should they and their families pocket all the ill-acquired gains but the ordinary people suffer and we taxpayers foot their bill?


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It had to be done, there's no question of it. A stern and clear message must be sent out to restore the public's faith and uphold our national image.

We can no longer tolerate such illegal activities that endanger the public health for the sake of profits. Sanlu was acting in breach of regulations and ethical and social responsibilities in its serious misconduct.

It should be penalized for its failure to alert the authorities on this matter in due time and to recall all of its contaminated products in time to protect the public interest. Those who added those harmful additives to the milk should face criminal proceeding.


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Sichuan needs you

We know a great number of people who spent every day doing something for their family and the society lost their lives during the Wenchun earthquake.

As to earthquakes, China is really an unfortunate country. Just in my province Hebei, people suffered two world-shaking earthquakes at Xingtai (1966) and Tangshan (1976).

This disaster in Sichuan lets teenagers like me get an extremely deep sense of nature's destructive power, and it also lets us know how much the victims and the rebuilding work need help.

Wars, divisions, terrorism, and deadly weapons have attracted too much of people's attention for a long period. However, as for all the people around the world, no matter what kind of attitudes you hold toward Asia or China, just do something for the survivors of the earthquake and let's bring hope into the lives of those who suffer.

The rebuilding of the region would cost only a fraction of what our world spends on fighting against terrorism and weapons of war, yet it would provide millions of people with great security and consolation.


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