Deputies at the ongoing two sessions called on the government to establish a system for compensating residents who make a contribution to the nation's ecology.

A landmark statute on air pollution control in Beijing, enacted earlier this month, is a showcase of how political advisers play a role in lawmaking.

A suggestion that the top legislature consider drafting a national anti-terrorism law following this month's fatal attack in Kunming has been made by deputies.

Chinese lawmakers called for speeding up legislation to ban smoking in public places.

Securities watchdog aims to further internationalize nation's markets

The government should come up with a soil pollution control act for better protection of the ever-worsening soil conditions.

Removing English from the gaokao, China's college entrance exam, might lower the English-learning fever in China but it helps build a fair and targeted college admission system, said a national political adviser.

With liquidity in China remaining generally abundant, there's renewed discussion about how financial resources can be distributed more efficiently.

A national legislator from Guangdong province believes migrant workers have the same right as their urban peers to share public rental houses.

After telling how his friend's elderly father had been lost for several months, Huang Daifang, an NPC deputy from Jiangxi province, suggested that governments should buy GPS products for families with older members.

A CPPCC member suggested further tapping the religious resources of temples and monasteries to help cope with the mushrooming number of senior citizens.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang stressed recently that China would strive to let development and reform benefit all people, voicing the determination of the government to narrow the gap of wealth, establish a more fair and reasonable system of revenue distribution, and achieve common prosperity.

Salary increases for public servants in China should be kept within reasonable limits.

An expert has urged the government to build quakeproof homes in areas prone to earthquakes.

The country should have some government-granted monopoly products exclusively made by the disabled, to further raise their employment rate and livelihood, an expert has suggested.

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