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The recent economic growth target of 7.5 percent and reform policies are proof that China's "dynamic and flexible" economy is on track.

A delegation of British education officials visited Shanghai in February on the first stop of a tour of Chinese cities. They were looking for pointers on how the United Kingdom could raise the quality of its secondary schools.

Multinational companies can find more business opportunities in China during the country's economic reform.

A former European Union ambassador to China said he believes Beijing is serious about improving relations with Brussels.

Nicholas Lardy, a leading authority in the United States on China's economy, felt a slight difference in the tone of Premier Li's Government Work Report.

China can better respond if governments more directly engage nonprofits, from international NGOs to grassroots groups.

Senior European Union politician Ramon Luis Valcarcel Siso believes both Europe and China can benefit from "unprecedented opportunities" for economic growth and social development.

"What they (the Chinese government) are talking about in all these different issues will determine the future of China and will determine the future of US-China relations," Stephen Orlins said.

Premier Li's Government Work Report at the annual National People's Congress session has been closely scrutinized by experts, media and governments around the world.

An estimated 921 million people, or 65% of China's population, will live in cities in 2024, which is about 2.5 times the size of the US population.

The ongoing reforms in China and the country's growing influence on the scene of int'l affairs will continue to create positive momentum in its co-op with Europe including France.

Senior governmental officials vowed on Tuesday to encourage foreign experts to put forward suggestions for China's reform and development.

Expat view on pollution

2014-02-25 16:24

A handful of expats share their experiences with combating the smog in their home country, lessons that China can draw from.

Elsa Jacquin has a social insurance card issued by the Chinese government, but the French expatriate is not sure if she is covered by the country's social security network, and doesn't know where to seek an answer to this and many other questions.

Steve Rayner has a China dream. In this dream he sees cities with clear blue skies and roads that are totally free of private cars.

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