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Social security

2014-03-13 14:03

Premier Li Keqiang vowed to build a sound social security net for the public, including an integrated pension arrangement for rural and urban residents.

Debt risks

2014-03-13 12:27

China has attached high attention on government debt and risks in this area are generally within control, Premier Li Keqiang said at a press conference on Thursday.

Shadow banking

2014-03-13 11:37

China has set a timetable for improving oversight of the ballooning shadow banking sector and will implement Basel III requirements, Premier Li Keqiang said.

Anti-terrorism law

2014-03-13 01:57

A suggestion that the top legislature consider drafting a national anti-terrorism law following this month's fatal attack in Kunming has been made by deputies.

Civil service

2014-03-11 07:31

Anti-corruption drive has resulted in a decline in the number of people willing to work for the civil service.

Deposit rate

2014-03-11 10:20

Central bank will liberalize its deposit interest rate in one or two years, says bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan.

Retirement age plan

2014-03-10 21:43

China will introduce its plans on raising the retirement age before 2020, a senior official has pledged.

Baby hatches

2014-03-09 14:42

China will proceed with the trial program of setting up baby hatches, said the nation's top civil affair chief.

Crackdown on graft

2014-03-09 09:59

China will continue its anti-graft measures against top government officials, said Huang Shuxian, minister of supervision, on Sunday.

Stance on Japan

2014-03-08 13:43

China vows no compromise with Japan on history and territory, says Foreign Minister Wang Yi at a press conference on Saturday.

Safety of GM foods

2014-03-07 07:20

In a rare display of confidence in the country's management of genetically modified food, China's top agriculture official said he eats GM food.

Anti-terrorism measures

2014-03-07 07:20

The number of terrorist attacks in Xinjiang has been kept to a minimum by the imposition of a range of counterterrorism measures.

Environmental protection

2014-03-06 22:48

National lawmakers from Central China's Hubei province have called for drafting laws on ecological compensation mechanisms to better support the country’s efforts to protect the environment.

Curbing pollution

2014-03-05 22:27

Northeast China's Liaoning province will continue to invest heavily to conserve its once heavily polluted environment.

Helping the government solve people's livelihood issues is high on the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference's to-do list this year.

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