Background: Modern agriculture

Updated: 2014-03-06 09:03

China is speeding up the transformation of its agriculture development model from "traditional" to "modern" in an effort to guarantee food supplies and farmers' incomes. Through the two platforms of food production and modern farms, it will accelerate the standardization of agriculture operations.  Read more

Background: Modern agriculture

According to the first policy document for 2013 issued by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, known as No.1 Document of 2013, there are nearly 600,000 registered specialized farmer cooperatives across the country, covering 18 percent of rural households, and leading industrialized agricultural enterprises have exceeded 110,000, expanding their outreach to more than 6,000 farming households. Poverty alleviation and development program was intensified, and the poverty threshold was raised to 2,300 yuan, up 92 percent compared to the standard set in 2009. Read more

Background: Modern agriculture

The No.1 Document of 2013 sets forth general requirements for strengthening and improving the Party’s guidance on the work of agriculture, farmers, and rural areas, implementing the Party’s policies on rural work, respecting farmers’ enterprising spirit, and encouraging local governments to explore reform measures according to regional conditions. It emphasizes the necessity of reviewing the implementation of the policies of strengthening agriculture, benefiting farmers, and enriching rural areas to make sure that the policies are faithfully carried out. Read more

Background: Modern agriculture

Efforts should be coordinated and targeted at areas including standardization in allocating agriculture-related funds, development of big-scale farming, mechanism improvement for the pricing of farm produce, as well as innovations to agricultural businesses. Meanwhile, breakthroughs must be made in rural finance and agricultural insurance, according to Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang during a visit in Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province in January of 2014. Read more

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