Xi's anti-graft campaign impressive

By MichaelM (
Updated: 2014-02-27 18:01

"Everything rises or falls on leadership." With that said, I think the changes that are being brought by President Xi are highly encouraging. His campaign to reduce graft  (I don't think it is possible to elminiate it in China) will do a lot to restore trust in the government by the people.

I recently read his speech about reinforcing socialist values in China and was very inspired. In fact, I'm using his speech as a learning resource for English in my classes here in Zhengzhou.(A big thanks to China Daily for providing the translation of his speech.) Overall, I'm encouraged by what I see in China. It is easy to see the problems when you come here with 'fresh eyes'. Especially 'fresh Western eyes.' You can see a lot of problems in the stark differences between Western and Eastern societies.

Nonetheless, my hopes and beliefs are high for China. Many problems remain, but, I believe that President Xi will continue to accomplish great success in leading China in the direction that it needs to go.