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Chinese students fight for Gaokao

Updated: 2014-06-04 14:30 (chinadaily.com.cn)

Chinese students fight for <EM>Gaokao</EM>

In the earthquake-stricken areas in Yingjiang, Yunan province, students study in a makeshift house on Monday. Twenty-eight such houses and 88 tents were built for the students. More than 1,000 students there are to take their college entrance exam in the makeshift houses, days after the earthquake hit the area on May 30. It’s said that ice blocks are to be installed in the houses to beat the summer heat. [Photo/Xinhua]

Chinese students fight for <EM>Gaokao</EM>  Chinese students fight for <EM>Gaokao</EM>  Chinese students fight for <EM>Gaokao</EM>

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