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Digital silk road will integrate resources more efficiently

By Yan Yiqi (China Daily) Updated: 2015-12-17 10:32

Building a digital silk road for win-win cooperation-integrate resources and develop innovative models

A forum on integrating resources and developing innovative models was held on Wednesday.

Yuan Yue, chairman of Horizon Research and Consultancy, released the company's research findings: Internet Commercial Development Index of Countries along the Belt and Road Initiative.

The report analyzed Internet commercial behavior including retail market scale, market value and growth rate in 12 representative countries along the Belt and Road Initiative.

Yuan said that the report will serve as an index system for further integration of the e-commerce industry along the digital silk road.

Participants from the United Kingdom, the United States and Kyrgyzstan also shared their views.

What other participants say

Ma Li, chairwoman of China Internet Development Foundation

There are challenges in building a digital silk road. People are increasingly using the Internet and the trend brings new challenges in sovereignty, security and development interests. Building a digital silk road for win-win cooperation is not the responsibility of one single country. It is the responsibility of every person that uses cyberspace.

Luigi Gambardella, president of ChinaEU

I believe the digital silk road is the road of the future. China and the EU should cooperate in Internet focusing on specialization. China is the largest and the fastest-growing market in the world, and the EU has a market of 500 million people. Of course, there should be concrete ideas to implement the plans. I think a cyber silk road treaty should be in place. We should analyze each other's regulations to discuss future policy.

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