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JD Finance reports 700% surge in borrowing

By MENG JING ( Updated: 2015-06-30 11:12

JD Finance, part of China's online direct sales giant Inc, has reported rapid growth in its consumer finance business.

The Internet financial services provider said on Monday that the amount its customers borrowed jumped by more than 700 percent in June compared to that same period last year without giving detailed figures. JD Finance has tens of millions of customers in China.

During JD's annual Web sales event on June 18, about 8 percent of its Internet shoppers borrowed from the company to pay for online goods.

Apart from the growing number of people who borrow money from JD Finance to shop on the company's e-commerce platform, the financial services firm also offers small loans.

The Beijing-based company said its unique advantage in consumer finance revolves around its risk control system.

"We have set up our own credit rating system," said Xu Ling, head of JD Finance, adding that the company has a large pool of online shopping data after being in e-commerce for the past 12 years.

JD Finance plans to launch a new consumer's credit rating system in the next few weeks.

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