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New-energy cars to help cut emissions in Beijing

( Updated: 2013-03-05 17:12

Beijing dwellers can purchase new-energy vehicles from local Chinese automaker BAIC Motor by the end of the year, Beijing Daily reported Tuesday.

"The magic of the vehicles is that when they stop – whether they are jammed on the road or waiting for a red light, they consume no electricity," said Wang Qian, director of new-energy cars marketing for BAIC. Therefore they can help reduce emissions in the crowded Chinese capital.

Besides, unlike traditional cars, new-energy cars are noise-free, Wang added.

The company will equip the vehicles with beeps when running under 20 km/per hour, to warn pedestrians and bikers.

According to Wang, there is a corresponding new-energy car for every brand car that BAIC produces. Although the former costs 10,000 to 20,000 yuan more than the latter, people can recover the cost in two or three years, as they are gasoline-free.

But the new-energy cars have a distance limit. As the cars need the battery charged after 100 kilometers, drivers who want to buy one must have independent parking space to set up a charging station.

The good thing is that the company is planning to boost the distance capacity to 300 or 400 kilometers in the second half of the year.

Beijing has been testing the use of new-energy vehicles, and the city will add 5,000 more units this year. Most BAIC cars that have joined the pilot operation are for suburban taxi services and logistics.

The automaker has set up an experiment center in suburban Beijing’s Daxing district, offering visits and free rides. Those vehicles will be put on sale in dealership stores in Beijing.

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