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Chinese insurers loses momentum in 2012

[2013-01-25 09:28]

The growth of Chinese insurance companies' premium income slowed in 2012 after decades of robust increases.

New China Life premium income up 3% in 2012

[2013-01-17 14:56]

The premium income of New China Life Insurance Co Ltd grew 3 percent to 97.7 billion yuan ($15.5 billion) in 2012.

Foreign life insurers expect premium income to soar

[2012-12-11 11:08]

Foreign life insurance companies in China expect to grow their premium income by up to 30 percent over the next three years.

Fitch says China's insurance outlook 'stable'

[2012-12-11 10:05]

Fitch Ratings maintains a "stable" outlook for China's insurance sector, but exits by overseas investors' stirred concerns about the sector's profitability.

Insurance regulator loosens restrictions

[2012-12-05 15:11]

China Insurance Regulatory Commission loosened the restriction on how much a stake an insurer can invest in banks, the regulator said.

Secure future for life insurance

[2012-12-05 09:59]

China is expected to be the world's second-largest life insurance market by 2020, having a total market capitalization of $406 billion.

PICC wants AIG as buyer for $4b HK IPO

[2012-11-16 10:40]

China's PICC Group is in talks with American International Group Inc and others, and expects them become cornerstone investors for PICC's planned IPO.

ABC's stake in insurance firm approved

[2012-11-21 14:11]

The Agricultural Bank of China said that it has got the regulatory nod to purchase a 51-percent stake in Jiahe Life Insurance Co for 2.59 billion yuan.

Draft seeks to simplify pension planning

[2012-11-28 00:54]

Yuan Xiaoqun felt relieved after she heard of a draft policy that would make it easier to deal with her complicated pension accounts.

Ensuring a long marriage with insurance

[2012-11-26 09:49]

As insurers in China began to see slowing premium income growth during the past quarter, some of them started to introduce new products to appeal to people with various needs - especially the recently wed seeking security in their new status.

PICC aims to raise $3.6b in HK offering

[2012-11-24 09:04]

PICC's initial public offering will provide an additional vehicle for investors to gain exposure to the growing integrated insurance business in China.

Agro insurance shelters farmers in grain belts

[2012-11-23 11:09]

China's fledgling agricultural insurance sector has buffered farmers against greater losses after hail, pest outbreaks and a massive typhoon hit China's breadbasket, the northeastern provinces of Heilongjiang and Jilin.

Insurance premium growth slows in China

[2012-11-22 14:26]

China's insurance income reached 1,311.4 billion yuan ($208 billion) in the first 10 months this year, with the growth slowing down due to the sluggish economy, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission said on its website on Thursday.

PICC Group expects to raise $3.6b in HK IPO

[2012-11-22 11:06]

People's Insurance Company (Group) of China is seeking as much as HK$27.8 billion in what may become Hong Kong's biggest initial public offering in more than two years.

China issues draft proposal on maternity insurance

[2012-11-22 11:06]

All employers should pay maternity insurance for all employees, according to a draft proposal published by China's Legislative Affairs Office.

ABC acquisition of Jiahe Life approved

[2012-11-21 14:56]

The Agricultural Bank of China, one of the Big Four banks in China, has received approval to purchase a 51 percent stake in Jiahe Life Insurance Co.

HSBC in talks to sell $9b Ping An Insurance stake

[2012-11-20 10:00]

HSBC said it was in talks to sell its $9.3 billion stake in Ping An Insurance (Group) Co, China's second-largest insurer.

PICC wants AIG as buyer for $4b HK IPO

[2012-11-16 10:40]

China's PICC Group is in talks with American International Group Inc and others, and expects them become cornerstone investors for PICC's planned IPO.

China's pension insurance covers 459m people

[2012-11-14 09:28]

China's urban and rural pension insurance systems covered 459 million people at the end of October, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security said.

PICC aims for IPO in Hong Kong

[2012-11-13 15:53]

People's Insurance Co (Group) of China Ltd is planning a listing in Hong Kong and may launch a roadshow by the end of this week. 

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