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Starbucks brews plan to make Pu'er a sourcing area

[2012-12-13 11:01]

Starbucks opened its first Farmer Support Center in Asia and sixth globally in Pu'er, Yunnan province, on Wednesday.

Starbucks opens its own China University

[2012-11-27 14:50]

Starbucks Coffee Company announced the launch of Starbucks China University in Beijing to meet the rising talent demand in its second largest market.

Growing industry that's full of beans

[2012-11-26 13:01]

Almost all of the international coffee giants consider China as one of the biggest markets for the revitalizing drink.

Wake up and smell the Chinese coffee

[2012-11-26 10:36]

Yunnan province, a place renowned for its beautiful old towns, scenery, tea and tobacco, is now creating an image for locally produced coffee.

Starbucks raises prices in 12 Chinese cities

[2012-11-16 22:02]

Starbucks Corp has raised prices for five espresso drinks in 12 cities in China to offset higher operating costs from Nov 6.

Open for business from Europe

[2012-11-16 14:59]

Switzerland-based Quality Partnerships is helping European businesses in China to get market-access licenses, which has long been a major concern for those companies.

Italian coffee group steams ahead in China

[2012-11-02 14:15]

Italian fine-coffee producer illycaffe SpA has begun accelerating its business in China as it expects the market to sharply boom over the next few years, the company's chief executive said.

Coffee break in tradition

[2012-10-18 16:34]

From the proliferating coffee shops in the big cities to the coffee machines slowly infiltrating households, the home of tea is rapidly giving way to java, mocha, latte and the like.

Italian coffee company has grand expansion plans for China

[2012-10-08 16:53]

Italian coffee company Saicaf will invest more than 100 million yuan ($15.9 million) to set up a network of cafes across China within four years.

Starbucks near Buddhist temple triggers debate

[2012-09-25 10:21]

International coffeehouse Starbucks has again brewed debate over business versus historical interests in China after its opening of an outlet near a famed Buddhist temple.

Buddhist Starbucks stirs controversy

[2012-09-24 10:49]

The US coffee giant Starbucks has stirred controversy after opening a new store outside the Lingyin Temple, a famous Buddhist monastery in Hangzhou, capital of East China's Zhejiang province.

Vietnam becomes China's largest coffee supplier

[2012-09-24 09:27]

Vietnam has become China's largest coffee supplier as China has seen an increase in coffee import in recent years, according to a Chinese official.

Milking the small appliances sector

[2012-07-02 14:03]

Compared with traditional electronic products such as TV sets, refrigerators and washing machines, small appliances have a very noticeable advantage.

Do coffee, do good

[2012-06-11 10:21]

Three siblings are among the first to sell locally sourced, organic, fair-trade, and sustainably grown coffee from Yunnan farmers.

Coffee chain reaches out to locals

[2012-05-07 07:51]

Starbucks brought together 400 employees and their families, customers and local college students at the Hujialou North community in Beijing's Chaoyang district on April 17 to build a GREEN neighborhood.

Troubles brew for coffee growers

[2012-04-17 09:28]

Dong Runqiong, a coffee planter in Pu'er, a city in southwestern Yunnan province named after the famous tea, is feeling the pinch from the plummeting price of coffee beans.

Starbucks introduces lighter-roast coffee

[2012-04-13 14:12]

Starbucks Coffee Company has introduced a new lighter roast coffee, Starbucks Golden Roast, to its stores in China.

Starbucks wide awake to China market prospects

[2012-04-03 08:24]

Starbucks Corp expects China to become its second-biggest retail market measured by the number of its stores by 2014, following just behind the United States in that regard, said a company executive.

Yunnan seeks to produce coffee

[2012-03-10 08:42]

While most people know that tea originated in China, few associate coffee with the country.

Yunnan seeks to associate itself with coffee production

[2012-03-10 07:56]

While most people know that tea originated in China, few associate coffee with the country.

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