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G20 Hangzhou summit reflects global recognition of China's economic success: Russian economist

(Xinhua) Updated: 2016-09-03 15:08

MOSCOW - The fact that the G20 summit will be held in China reflects the global recognition of and respect for China's giant economic success, a leading Russian economic expert has said.

"The international community admits that China has become a major economic power, which largely determines the economic development of the whole world," Vyacheslav Kholodkov, head of the International Economic Organizations Department at the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, told Xinhua.

As the second-largest economy of the world, China has a strong impact over global economic processes, the economist said, adding that the performance of China's stock markets and its import of energy resources exert a powerful influence on world markets.

Kholodkov also expressed the belief that the Western media today have exaggerated and distorted the existing problems with the Chinese economy.

"China's economic success is like a thorn on the side of many Western politicians and journalists, because it shows that there are other more successful models besides the Western liberal economic model," the expert noted.

In his opinion, the current problems plaguing China were those of structural adjustments and shifts in economic development pattern.

If previously China's development had been driven mainly by exports, it is now shifting from export-oriented development model to focusing on domestic demand, Kholodkov said.

Kholodkov saw "nothing dramatic" in such a development, as other countries that experienced similar problems have survived such transitional periods.

China's GDP grew by 6.9 percent last year, a rate to be envied by many countries, according to Kholodkov.

China presents an example for many developing countries, including Russia, which are closely watching China's experiences and following some of its trends in their political practices, he concluded.

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