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Collaboration brings environment-friendly sports facilities to China

By Yang Ziman ( Updated: 2015-11-27 13:59

The Dow Chemical Company and China National Sports Group signed a 2016 to 2018 collaboration agreement on Thursday moving forward their drive for environment-friendly sports facilities.

The cooperation between the two sides started in 2012 when they came up with solutions for advanced eco-friendly sports facilities. Their project of replacing parts of the terrace at China's National Stadium with environment-friendly materials was completed in mid-November.

"The National Stadium is a major landmark in China and therefore is a milestone of our cooperation. It will be an example for environment-friendly sports facility renovation in China," said Zhang Lizeng, chair of China National Sports Group.

Dow's eco-ground terrace installed on parts of the stadium is made of water-proof hydrophobic composite NEH resin with little volatile organic compounds. Its mould proof Rocima 342 algaecide is degradable and lasts longer than ordinary terrace material.

Huang Zhuling, president of the Greater China Region of Dow said, "as the global partner of the Olympic Games, DOW has complete solutions to advanced sports facility. We will use our experiences in major global sports event, such as Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, London Olympics and Sochi Winter Olympics, to build sustainable and high-tech sports facility in China."

By facilitating the construction of playgrounds, indoor and outdoor terraces, skid resistance corridors, and methanol-free heat preservation technology in schools, Dow introduced a healthy sports environment to the Chinese education system.

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