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A tradition spanning beer and science

By Wang Zhuoqiong (China Daily) Updated: 2015-09-18 09:40

I love China, but Chinese people are different from Danish people. So we have to adapt our products to different cultures wherever we are. That is why we have Carlsberg Light, Chill and Green Label brands in China.

Do you drink beer and which brand is your favorite?

I have been traveling in China for the past eight days. Every evening after I finish work, I sit down and have a beer with a good friend, discussing what happened today and what would happen tomorrow. I like Carlsberg and Tuborg. But also I like to sample local brands during my trips. So if I go to Chongqing, I would like to taste the different flavors of Chongqing Beer.

If you have one hour for yourself in China to relax and have fun, where would you go and what food would you eat?

I would take yet another walk on the Great Wall. I would probably have some very good local Chinese food. I really like Chinese cuisine. I like fish. I must admit that I sometimes eat too much here. But every morning when I get up, I run for half an hour to keep fit and slim. I have to run so I lose weight again, and most importantly, stay energetic.

What are your perspectives on wealth?

For me personally, I would like to do well, I would like to have a house, a car, and to go on vacations... Money is not what drives me.

I think what drives me is of course to do something good for the society. Honestly I believe this is the core value of Carlsberg that it is not only about myself, but actually about doing things for employees, customers and the society.

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