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Things you didn't know about Max Baucus

( Updated: 2014-03-18 11:07

6. Traveling stimulates interest

He traveled to many places by hitchhiking during his junior year summer vacation. He has said that traveling made him interested in public service and that resulted in career in politics.

7. First job as lawyer

Baucus qualified for Montana Bar Association in 1969. He then started working as a lawyer in Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington D.C.

8. Re-elected six times

He has been re-elected six times since 1978 as Senator. Before being nominated for ambassador to China, Baucus had announced that he would quit the race for Senate and not seek re-election when his final term ended. He is the longest-serving US Senator in Montana.

9. Marathon runner

His hobbies include running, hunting, hiking, and fishing. He has participated in a 50-mile marathon with a pretty good time. After he was nominated, he said that he would participate in Beijing Marathon. "Actually, I have been preparing to take part in Beijing Marathon, but maybe I will run in Half Marathon."

10. Security a weaknesses

Some analysts in Washington DC claim that Baucus lacks experience on regional security, which could work against him in his new posting. He has long served on various committees, including finance, taxation, health, insurance and trading, but is unfamiliar with regional security.

Things you didn't know about Max Baucus
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Things you didn't know about Max Baucus
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