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Pension program to ease aging burden

( Updated: 2012-09-20 13:21

"Pensioners who live in the north can spend their winter in Hainan," said Xu Zaogui, director of the Xueliang Zhang Public Welfare Foundation Ltd., while explaining the Foundation's pension program to China Daily. Pensioners will enjoy a migrant-bird style of life, meaning they can move around the country during different seasons, once the nationwide network of apartments for the aged is built.

Besides Xu, the Foundation's deputy directors, Lu Yunli and Wang Zhenqiang, also joined China Daily for the interview to talk about their intention to start up the pension program and the effort their putting into its promotion.

A press conference was held in Beijing on Aug 28, where the organizers officially launched the project to build apartments for the elderly.

Reporter: Cheng Jie

Video Editing: Lou Yi & Jia Fan (Intern)

Translation & Subtitles: Jia Fan (Intern), Chris Clark, Christie Lee

Producer: Flora Yue

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