Business / Wenzhou financial reform

Wen urges support for small businesses

[2011-10-05 20:11]

Small enterprises should be a priority for bank credit support and enjoy more preferential tax policies.

Wenzhou bosses flee over big debts

[2011-09-30 15:50]

Twenty-nine large business owners ran away and one boss even committed suicide in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, leaving thousands of employees jobless and colossal amount of debts unpaid.

Alarm over China's SMEs

[2011-09-30 08:17]

In stark contrast to the rosy outlook for the Chinese economy, reports about the sudden disappearance of some business owners in Wenzhou has revealed a surprisingly gloomy picture for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Wenzhou now a bad example

[2011-09-29 08:12]

Nine company bosses in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, ran away on Sept 22 without repaying the money they had borrowed. This is not only a warning against private borrowing and lending of money, but also raises a question on the Wenzhou development "model" , says an article in Guangzhou Daily.

Wenzhou admits mishandling crash cases

[2011-07-30 17:52]

The judicial bureau of Wenzhou in East China's Zhejiang province has apologized for a statement that told lawyers not to "unauthorizedly" handle cases involving last Saturday's deadly bullet train collision.

Venture capital, private equity mark the future

[2011-05-28 10:39]

Individual investors in Wenzhou have realized that they should look at developing industries, such as renewable power, to seek better opportunities.

Wenzhou manufacturers seek new ways to produce wealth

[2011-05-04 06:58]

Higher returns from property, stocks and commodities lure factory owners, reports Yu Ran in Shanghai.

Rising to the challenge of a new enterprise

[2011-04-11 13:12]

SHANGHAI - After spending one year at university in France, Li Da felt that he had learned and seen enough to make a life decision: turning down his father's offer to take over his business.

Wenzhou merchants see gain on horizon

[2011-02-01 07:53]

Squeezed by the appreciating yuan and rising wages, factory owners in Wenzhou of Zhejiang province are looking overseas to find higher returns for their fortunes amassed by exporting a range of consumer goods.

Chinese city allows individual overseas investment

[2011-01-11 22:14]

Residents in a Chinese city boasting of its entrepreneurship are allowed to invest overseas as individuals in a pilot scheme that authorities say will help manage the burgeoning capital flow in the private sector.

Wenzhou tests individual ODI to cool inflation

[2011-01-11 14:22]

A move by the city of Wenzhou to allow individual investors to make direct overseas investment is the Chinese government's latest step to cool the surging inflation prevailing in the country and ease currency appreciation, experts say.

Wenzhou allows individuals to invest abroad

[2011-01-10 15:45]

China's eastern city of Wenzhou will allow individuals to make direct investments overseas as the government encourages capital outflows to ease pressure on inflation and currency appreciation,Bloomberg reported Monday.

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