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Beijing startup helps users run Android OS on Apple iPhone

By Ma Si ( Updated: 2016-07-29 17:02

An increasing number of consumers desire two digital identities, one for work and the other for their personal life. Now they can turn to a Beijing-based startup for help, which has come up with a way to make your iPhone function like two smartphones.

Haimawan, the three-year old firm, invented a "smartphone case" which can allow users to run the Android operating system on iPhones. That is to say, your iPhone can be equipped with two operating systems, which makes it possible to run two different Facebook and Linked-in accounts at the same time.

Dang Jingfeng, founder and CEO of Haimawan, said in modern society, people are under heavy pressure and they desire two identities to separate life from work and show different aspects of themselves. That is exactly what the new hardware MESUIT is designed for.

MESUIT, which comes with two versions priced at 999 yuan($150) and 1, 099 yuan respectively , leverages its home device's dual-SIM, dual-standby features to offer users simultaneous access to all the functionality of two smartphones. Users can enjoy the iPhone's splendid design and Android's open ecosystem on one device.

The built-in battery of the MESUIT also offers an additional 7 hours of talk time on top of your iPhone's own battery. It also provides an additional 16GB of storage space for the iPhone as well as the ability to transfer photos and videos into MESUIT with a simple tap, freeing up space on the iPhone and satisfying user demands for more entertainment and storage.

MESUIT is compatible only with Apple Inc's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S series. It connects with these iPhones using just the lightning port and an app. MESUIT is available on the official website:

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