Business / Outbound travel rise

Fuzhou’s outbound tourism increases

[2012-07-20 14:02]

Outbound tourism is more popular than domestic tourism this summer in Fuzhou, especially among young people.

Chinese travelers seek experience, not treadmill tourism

[2012-07-17 08:57]

The stereotypical image of Chinese tourists abroad is about to change as travel agencies attempt to replace traditional packages with high-end experiences.

Chinese visitors record fastest growth in Canada

[2012-07-06 15:29]

Overnight trips from China to Canada grew 25.9 percent to nearly 60,000 in the first four months.

Sports tourism fueled by UK Games

[2012-07-02 00:50]

With less than one month to go to the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games, luxury tourism packages to the United Kingdom have attracted interest from wealthy Chinese and corporate clients.

Touring Thailand, a place fitting for a king

[2012-06-22 08:32]

Hua Hin is Thailand's oldest beach resort and was first popularized by the Thai royal family. Wang Kaihao reports.

Australia looks to China for tourism revenue boost

[2012-06-04 19:56]

Listing Chinese tourists as its most important clients across the Asian market in the next 10 years, Tourism Australia aims to double its total tourism revenue from A$70 billion ($67 billion) in June 2011 to A$140 billion by the end of 2020.

Tourism grinding to a halt as tensions rise in dispute

[2012-05-11 08:05]

Chinese mainland travel agencies have stopped sending tour groups to the Philippines due to concerns for tourists' safety.

A tourism bridge is being built to link China and Serbia

[2012-05-03 09:25]

The first Chinese group tour to Serbia is expected to take place this summer, marking a breakthrough in Chinese tourism to Southeast Europe.

Chinese travellers feed Dubai's 'tourism spring'

[2012-04-30 07:37]

Dubai registered in 2012 a 27- percent increase in the number of hotel guests from China, the sheikhdom's promotional arm Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing revealed.

More Chinese heading to Reykjavik

[2012-04-23 10:28]

From Beijing, Iceland's ambassador to China likes to say, "You can be in a steaming spa in Reykjavik in 12 hours!"

Canada ready for Chinese tourist arrivals

[2012-04-21 15:46]

Canada is rolling out the welcome mat in an effort to get more Chinese travelers to visit the country as the May Labor Day holiday is approaching.

A more travel-friendly globe awaits Chinese

[2012-04-20 11:20]

Services designated for Chinese travelers may be provided, and improved, in major world tourism cities, said Lu Yong.

A more travel-friendly globe awaits Chinese

[2012-04-20 07:28]

Lu Yong, leader of the preparatory team of the World Tourism Cities Federation, said services designated for Chinese travelers may be provided, and improved, in major world tourism cities.

World's tourism cities team up to share resources

[2012-04-20 07:19]

With outbound tourism growing rapidly worldwide, Beijing and other major international cities have formed an alliance to make it easier for people to vacation abroad.

China to be biggest source of outbound tourists

[2012-04-20 03:13]

China is widely anticipated to overtake Germany and the US to become the biggest source of outbound travelers.

China's leading outbound travel exhibition opens

[2012-04-19 17:29]

The 8th China Outbound Travel & Tourism Market (COTTM) opened at China World Trade Center in Beijing on April 18. More than 270 exhibitors from 60 countries participated in the event.

More travelers from mainland going overseas

[2012-04-13 13:46]

The Chinese mainland is on its way to becoming the largest source of cross-border tourists in the world, according to a report released by the national tourism authority on Wednesday.

Ireland extends tourism visa agreement with China

[2012-03-28 22:07]

Chinese citizens with a UK tourist visa may enter Ireland without a separate visa until the end of October 2016, visiting Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny announced at a news briefing on March 27.

Guangxi touts new tourism routes in Russia

[2012-03-20 14:29]

China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region is offering three new special tourism routes for Russian visitors to better understand the local culture, a Chinese official said

Switzerland expects more Chinese visitors

[2012-02-24 19:27]

Switzerland has become one of most popular destinations among Chinese tourists.