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China, US agree on major trade measures

[2012-12-21 01:16]

Chinese and US officials agreed on a number of measures, including export controls and investment, during trade talks in Washington.

China tops list of strong IP filings growth in '11

[2012-12-12 10:09]

Intellectual property filings worldwide kept growing strongly in 2011, with patent applications for the first time exceeding 2 million.

Apple appeals China Encyclopedia copyright ruling

[2012-11-14 15:30]

Apple Inc has appealed against a court ruling which ordered the US electronics giant to pay 520,000 yuan for copyright infringements.

IPR awareness rises in China: experts

[2012-10-04 17:20]

An increasing number of patents and trademark registrations is boosting social awareness of intellectual property rights, or IPR, in China.

IPR protection key to economic restructuring

[2012-09-20 10:48]

Encouraging innovation and protecting intellectual property rights are key to the success of China's ongoing efforts for economic restructuring and industrial upgrading, a senior Chinese trade official said.

Wen: Equal treatment, enhanced IPR

[2012-09-12 08:00]

Premier Wen Jiabao assured international companies they will be given equal treatment when entering the strategic emerging industries.

Trademark speculators bet on Olympics

[2012-08-28 01:40]

Since the end of the London Olympics, professional trademark pre-emptors have been trying to capitalize on the names of Chinese Olympic champions.

China's trademark applications exceeds 10m

[2012-08-24 10:48]

The number of applications submitted for trademark registration reached 10.54 million at the end of June, ranking the first in the world.

Crackdown on IPR infringement planned

[2012-08-03 14:38]

The Ministry of Commerce has published its work plan for the third quarter, highlighting a crackdown on IPR infringement and the production and selling of fake or forged goods.

IPR protection awareness

[2012-07-19 14:07]

The Ministry of Public Security received an award from the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group on Tuesday for its outstanding contributions to stop IPR violations.

Top soccer players become trademarks

[2012-06-28 10:55]

Philipp Lahm, Cristiano Ronaldo and Andres Iniesta are world-popular soccer stars, but they have also attracted attention that they might not want - from Chinese companies registering their names as trademarks.

Soy sauce maker sues over firm's 'misleading' name

[2012-06-13 13:13]

The largest soy sauce manufacturer in China recently filed a lawsuit against the already scandal-wracked Weiji Seasoning Food Co Ltd, accusing it of using a "misleading" name that could cause confusion between the companies.

China releases IPR protection agenda

[2012-05-19 11:13]

The General Office of the State Council on Friday released a work agenda concerning the protection of intellectual property rights.

Italian has real passion for finding 'famous' fakes

[2012-05-14 11:16]

Many fake Italian brands, which are popular in China, do not exist in Italy at all.

iPad trademark dispute sees progress

[2012-05-07 14:52]

Pragmatic progress has been made in the dispute between Proview Technology (Shenzhen) and Apple Inc over use of the iPad trademark.

More patents owned by domestic holders in China

[2012-04-25 10:36]

As of the end of last year, the number of valid invention patents in China totaled 697,000, including 351,000 belonging to domestic owners.

Judge: Mediated choice preferred over iPad

[2012-04-20 11:13]

A mediated settlement is the preferred solution to a high-profile lawsuit between tech giant Apple and a Chinese company over the iPad trademark.

E-commerce trademark cases rising

[2012-04-18 09:59]

Disputes over online trademark infringement are rising sharply as e-commerce flourishes, a spokesman for the Supreme People's Court said on Tuesday.

Chinese courts see increase in IPR cases

[2012-04-17 17:40]

The number of cases handled by Chinese courts nationwide regarding intellectual property rights (IPR) disputes and violations surged in 2011.

Counterfeit Italian goods spark rage in China

[2012-03-24 17:29]

Chinese consumers are up in arms over "Italian" luxury goods that were recently revealed to have been manufactured in China.

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