Business / Finance chiefs skip Tokyo meetings

Dispute 'to hit global economy'

[2012-10-10 09:07]

The fallout from the Diaoyu Islands will have global economic consequences, experts said, as the IMF downgraded its world outlook.

Chinese officials to attend Tokyo's IMF-WB meeting

[2012-10-10 09:31]

A delegation of Chinese monetary and financial officials will attend the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank annual meeting in Tokyo from Oct 12 to 14.

Chinese banks not to attend Tokyo's IMF-WB meeting

[2012-10-09 09:58]

China's major banks confirmed with Xinhua Monday that they will not attend the International Monetary Fund-World Bank meeting that opens Tuesday in Tokyo.

Finance chiefs to skip Tokyo meetings

[2012-10-11 08:52]

China's central bank governor and finance minister will skip the annual meetings of the IMF and the World Bank that are taking place in Tokyo this week.