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'Paradise' blessed with immortal love stories

[2016-09-01 08:01]

Hangzhou is home to legendary poets and the stunning West Lake.

Louwailou serves up lakeside charm and classic food

[2016-09-01 08:06]

If I ever go into the restaurant business, I pray for a reputation like that of Louwailou.

A bite of Hangzhou

[2016-08-30 07:43]

The upcoming G20 has turned all eyes on Zhejiang's cuisine, but the provincial government has been quietly celebrating its famous dishes for years in a Beijing restaurant.

Hangzhou a model of innovation

[2016-09-01 08:13]

At present, more than one-third of the China's e-commerce websites are based in Hangzhou, pioneered by the industry's world leader, Alibaba.

Scenery of West Lake in E China's Zhejiang

[2016-08-31 07:52]

West Lake, located to the west of Hangzhou where this year's G20 summit is to be held, is a renowned tourist attraction not only for its picturesque landscape but also for its association with Chinese cultures embodied with historic scholars and national heroes.

Daily life in Hangzhou, host city of 11th G20 summit

[2016-08-29 09:57]

Daily life in Hangzhou, host city of 11th G20 summit

Hangzhou's landmarks welcome G20 Summit with fresh new looks

[2016-08-26 10:45]

The landmarks in Hangzhou have experienced great changes during the past years. They'll stand as the symbols for Hangzhou to welcome the coming G20 Summit with fresh new looks.

Hangzhou noted for various bridges

[2016-08-29 13:01]

Hangzhou, host city of 11th G20 summit, noted for various bridges.

Hangzhou turns into modern city with scenery, improved construction

[2016-08-25 09:14]

Hangzhou has turned into a modern city with attracting natural sceneries and great improvements in urban construction after years' of development.The G20 Summit will be held there on September 4 to 5.

Hangzhou welcomes G20 guests with beautiful, colorful banners

[2016-08-24 13:29]

Banners saying "A good host, a better G20" can be seen everywhere in Hangzhou.

Zhiyinmajing Lane in E China takes on new look for G20 Summit

[2016-08-23 14:38]

Zhiyinmajing Lane, dated back to the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), has taken on a new look after repair before the G20 Summit, to be held on September 4-5 in Hangzhou.

Scenery of Leifeng Pagoda at sunset in Hangzhou

[2016-08-30 07:02]

Tourists pose for photos beside Leifeng Pagoda at sunset in Hangzhou, capital of East China's Zhejiang province, Aug 29, 2016.

Thousand-island Lake

[2016-08-22 11:19]

Thousand-island (Qiandao) Lake, also named Xin’an River Reservoir, is located in Chun’an county near the city of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. It is a man-made lake backed up by a hydropower dam on the Xin’an River that offers a quiet place for respite with its verdant mountains, crystal-clear waters and islands.

Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal

[2016-08-22 11:07]

There are two miracles in classical China -- the Great Wall and the Grand Canal – with the canal, known as the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, always being seen as the pride of the Chinese people and a symbol of its cultural achievement for its size and grandeur. It has historical and cultural importance and is the longest artificial river in the world.

Call center aims to make attendees' visits as smooth as possible

[2016-08-19 07:56]

On August 10, the G20 Hangzhou Summit organizing committee launched a multilingual emergency and service call center to help attendees and journalists work and travel in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province.

Little Lijiang River in Zhejiang ideal for rafting

[2016-08-22 10:10]

Here, the vegetation is dense and full of biodiversity, especially the bamboo trees growing halfway up the mountains, and stones of various shapes also make fascinating attractions.

Hangzhou city: China's Manhattan

[2016-08-22 10:09]

After 10 years of construction, Hangzhou, in East China's Zhejiang province, has rebranded itself as a quaint modern city.

Hangzhou serves up food culture

[2016-07-29 10:14]

Hangzhou has long been regarded as a city of gourmet food and has a long history of cuisine culture. The dishes have a reputation among foodies for fresh ingredients, elaborate processing and natural flavor.

Million volunteers in Hangzhou get ready as G20 draws near

[2016-08-03 13:55]

Volunteers are busy preparing as the G20 Summit in Hangzhou is around the corner, said the host city’s organizer at the 30-day countdown press briefing.

City improves on its reputation for bicycles

[2016-07-29 10:12]

Getting ready to welcome foreign visitors to the G20 Leaders Summit in September, Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang province, is updating its public bicycle rental facilities with improved functions and more thoughtful services.

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