Business / Investment

Global investment needs Chinese inputs

[2014-07-21 07:15]

China must more actively participate in this round of global investment talks. If not, it will be left behind by global trends and find itself in an awkward position.

No guaranteed benefit promise to investors

[2014-07-14 17:33]

The China Banking Regulatory Commission on July 11 issued a circular on improving the management system of banks' wealth management business.

European firms' 'best era' may be over

[2014-05-30 06:59]

Nearly half of European businesses fear their "golden times" in China are over, particularly for large firms with more than 1,000 employees and veteran companies with more than five years in the country.

Nation 'can lead' in FDI rules

[2014-05-27 07:12]

The country will be at the center of the developing global framework of investment governance, with the world's second-largest economy set to become a net exporter of investment.

China eases approval process for foreign investment

[2014-05-23 13:54]

China will relax the approval process for foreign companies planning to invest in China, while strengthening national security reviews.

Negative list in need of some positive tweaks

[2014-05-19 11:12]

The term negative list has become a catchphrase since the Chinese government decided to adopt one list in its negotiations on a bilateral investment treaty with the United States last July.

Investors shunning property for funds

[2014-05-13 07:19]

Real estate has dropped from the top three investment choices among residents in Chongqing municipality for the first time in two years.