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LNG used in Beijing double-decker buses

By Du Juan ( Updated: 2012-12-03 13:55

China Petrochemical Corp, also known as Sinopec, announced it is providing liquid natural gas for Beijing's double-decker buses starting from the beginning of this month, aiming at reducing carbon emissions in the transportation sector.

Sinopec's Beijing branch company owns three gas filling stations in the capital currently.They have provided 500 metric tons of LNG to buses about 5,000 times so far, the company said.

The carbon dioxide emission from buses' exhaust gas can be reduced by 30 percent if they use LNG as fuel, according to statistics from the company.

A bus' exhaust gas equals that from 50. Beijing has 15,000 buses at present.

Meanwhile, the unit price of LNG is three-quarters that of petroleum, which can help to save 10 to 30 percent of fuel costs.

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