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Tech innovation always key for US-based Honeywell

[2015-09-25 07:07]

Honeywell's turbo-charging technology can help cut emissions in the auto sector in China, its best market, said vice president of the company's China region.

Top 9 International Engines of the Year

[2015-09-25 06:40]

The International Engine of the Year Awards are presented by Engine Technology International magazine. This year, the winning designs blend high-end performance with advanced technologies that reduce emissions and substantially improve fuel economy.

Ready to meet challenges together

[2015-09-25 07:38]

Leaders of major Chinese Internet companies said on Wednesday that they are ready to cooperate with their US counterparts to meet challenges together, including cyberattacks and exploring business opportunities.

More candor and mutual trust called for at Internet forum

[2015-09-25 07:32]

Mutual trust, less suspicion and more candid talk should be the ingredients to help China and the United States seek common ground and solve difficult problems when it comes to the Internet, said industry players, government officials and scholars at the US-China Internet Industry Forum on Wednesday in Redmond, Washington.

Xi urges constructive cyberspace talks

[2015-09-25 07:14]

President Xi Jinping called for China and the United States to embark on constructive dialogues on cybersecurity, saying "no one can stay out of this affair".

Xi says Boeing is 'win-win' example in Sino-US relations

[2015-09-24 14:31]

Hours after it was announced on Wednesday that China would buy 300 airplanes from Boeing, Chinese President Xi Jinping toured the plane maker's Everett, Washington, plant and singled out the company as an example of win-win cooperation in Sino-US relations.

More access to markets pledged

[2015-09-24 14:31]

President Xi Jinping, in addressing CEOs from 30 leading companies on Wednesday, said that China was taking steps to make its markets more accessible.

Xi calls for constructive China-US cyber dialogue in Microsoft HQ tour

[2015-09-24 22:17]

Chinese President Xi Jinping toured the headquarters of Microsoft Corporation and encouraged the multinational company to deepen cooperation with Chinese partners.

China Internet foundation partners with Bill & Melinda foundation

[2015-09-24 21:17]

The China Internet Development Foundation and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have pledged to join forces in Seattle while Chinese President Xi Jinping was paying his first state visit to the United States.

China-US partnerships important steps in cloud strategy

[2015-09-24 20:23]

United States tech multinationals rushed to grab Chinese partners during President Xi Jinping's US trip on Thursday, hopping to get more government procurement deals in China.