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Delta helps Chinese partners develop business models

[2015-09-23 11:13]

China is an important market for Delta’s long-term future, and we continue to see growth in China and expanded partnerships with Chinese airlines as an important part of our long-term strategy.

Development remains China's first priority: Xi

[2015-09-23 11:09]

China will strive for coordinated development, promote structural adjustment, improve people's well-being and forestall risks, while keeping its economic growth at a medium-high level, said Xi.

China and US to focus on agriculture and service

[2015-09-23 11:08]

The bilateral investment treaty between China and US have made substantial progress and the bilateral trade will focus on agricultural and service sectors, said a senior American official on Tuesday.

Local produce, local talent key for store chain

[2015-09-23 11:07]

Chinese customers have become more sophisticated. They are looking for good value, and they want good service and safe products at affordable prices.

Reputation for standards, safety is vital

[2015-09-23 11:03]

This is a market Westinghouse wants to be in for the long-term, and we will continue to invest and expand to play a role in supporting China's growth domestically and internationally.

Aerospace, building giant delivers green, tech-focused products

[2015-09-23 11:02]

After a series of concerted policy efforts to tackle the effects of the 2008-2009 global financial crisis, China has moved up the value chain amid this developing model of slower but quality growth.

US companies hoping Xi's visit to remove restrictions

[2015-09-23 10:59]

As Chinese President Xi Jinping visits the US, the members of the American Chamber of Commerce in China will be hoping that the bilateral investment treaty will be high on the agenda.

Efficiency, integration key to progress

[2015-09-23 10:46]

Amway China is seeing a future defined by a new economic model that integrates online and offline businesses.

Competitive market forces US to better ourselves

[2015-09-23 10:42]

Dell have been doing business in China for 20 years, and we've always made sure we were doing business within Chinese law, and we'll continue to do that.

Policies to address 'drug lag' essential

[2015-09-23 10:33]

The regulatory environment presents multiple challenges for companies trying to achieve simultaneous global development and registration of new medicines.

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