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Baidu replaces Bing as Microsoft's default search engine in China

[2015-09-24 17:17]

The deal is set to make it easier for Baidu users to update to Windows 10 and help the US company gain more users for its new operating system.

Chinese Internet companies CEOs seek better cooperation with US counterparts

[2015-09-24 17:06]

Leaders of major Chinese Internet companies are ready to cooperate with their US counterparts to meet challenges, including cyber attacks and exploring business opportunities.

Yili Group, US partners establish SINO-US Food Wisdom Valley

[2015-09-24 14:55]

The SINO-US Food Wisdom Valley was established in Seattle, USA on Wednesday by China's Yili Group and the US collaborative partners.

President Xi visits Microsoft Campus in Seattle

[2015-09-24 15:39]

President Xi Jinping and First Lady Peng Liyuan visit the headquarters of Microsoft in Redmond, Seattle, where they are given a warm welcome by founder Bill Gates, CEO Satya Nadella and Chairman Thomson.

Xi encourages Boeing to expand exemplary cooperation with China

[2015-09-24 13:26]

Visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday commended Boeing's long and productive cooperation with China and urged the aircraft maker to lift the partnership to higher levels.

Xi calls for safe cyberspace, reassures US business titans

[2015-09-24 11:59]

President Xi Jinping calls for more cooperation in trade between the two nations. A few hours later he addressed another closely-watched issue – cybersecurity.

Melting pot of views in US toward China

[2015-09-24 11:37]

The United States was called a "melting pot" back when I was studying American pop culture in college 10 years ago. The exact meaning of the melting pot not only lies in the multi-ethnic population but a cauldron of perceptions and judgments. During this trip also I have heard diverse opinions in Washington on China, especially related to its economic growth.

Xi pledges more access to China's markets

[2015-09-24 11:37]

President Xi Jinping, in addressing CEOs from 30 leading companies on Wednesday, said that China was taking steps to make its markets more accessible.

Internet cooperation called for when surfing a Web of uncertainty

[2015-09-24 11:37]

It is the same case with China and the US in terms of developing Internet industries and enhancing cybersecurity. The two countries have to put aside conflicts and differences and seek common ground.

Xi says Boeing is 'win-win' example in Sino-US relations

[2015-09-24 11:37]

Hours after it was announced on Wednesday that China would buy 300 airplanes from Boeing, Chinese President Xi Jinping toured the plane maker's Everett, Washington, plant and singled out the company as an example of win-win cooperation in Sino-US relations.