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Reaction from experts

[2015-09-25 08:02]

On the Internet

Ready to meet challenges together

[2015-09-25 08:02]

Leaders of major Chinese Internet companies said on Wednesday that they are ready to cooperate with their US counterparts to meet challenges together, including cyberattacks and exploring business opportunities:

Executives confident in China's growth

[2015-09-25 08:02]

President Xi has frequently spoke of business opportunities in China for foreign investors in his several speeches made in the ongoing US trip. China Daily reporters have interviewed a group of senior US business executives to learn their views.

China lags Japan, US in deal completions

[2015-09-25 08:03]

Chinese acquirers in 2014 completed just 67 percent of their outbound mergers and acquisitions deals, far less than developed-world acquirers.

Wal-Mart presses suppliers to share benefits of the yuan

[2015-09-25 08:03]

Wal-Mart Stores Inc is seeking price cuts from suppliers that produce goods in China, saying the retailer should share in the savings generated by China's depreciation of the yuan.

Alibaba makes Beijing a hub

[2015-09-25 08:02]

E-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd is making Beijing its second headquarters in China to gain a stronger foothold in the country's northern areas.

Infographic: Chinese are No 1 international home buyers in US

[2015-09-25 07:58]

Chinese are No 1 international home buyers in US

Hershey sees sweet spot amid slowdown

[2015-09-25 07:39]

Hershey is interested in China for its long-term growth potential-it has a growing middle class, rising urbanization, and low per capita consumption for products like chocolate.

US share of China's global M&A deals 'rising'

[2015-09-25 07:38]

The United States is expected to be the second-largest destination for Chinese outbound mergers and acquisitions this year, with high-tech companies being the most-sought-after targets.

Xi pledges more access to China's markets

[2015-09-25 07:37]

President Xi Jinping, addressing CEOs from 30 leading companies on Wednesday, said that China was taking steps to make its markets more accessible.