Perfect in Peru

Updated: 2014-11-04 10:20


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Peru is home to some of the most popular crops in the world, such as potatoes, corn and tomatoes –ingredients of some of the finest cuisines which have sustained humanity for thousands of years.

Throughout the year, Peru produces fruit and vegetables of excellent quality, exquisite taste and vibrant colours and aromas. These are exported in off-season periods to the northern hemisphere, when this region does not have sufficient supplies, and are highly appreciated.

Part of the reason for the success and growth of Peruvian agricultural exports in recent years is, out of the 117 life zones that exist in the world, 84 are in Peru. Thanks to this exceptional natural condition, an extraordinary range of species and a wide variety of agricultural products are found here as there is excellent soil for their development. Now, people from around the world can enjoy their exquisite tastes.

Due to its proximity to the equator, the Peruvian lands have an unbeatable quality of sunlight, which promotes plant nutrition, improves productivity and enhances the quality of crops in terms of size, consistency and flavour: blessed in life and light.

Added to the exceptional geography, which results in these abundant crops, Peru has continuously been improving production processes through the application of the latest technologies. These ensure Peruvian products meet quality and safety standards required for consumption and trade in various markets around the world. The production companies are certified to international standards (ISO, HACCP, Tesco BRC, etc.) and meet standards of good agricultural practices (GLOBAL GAP) under the supervision of the health authorities in key markets.

In addition to this, and due to a rich and varied culture, Peruvian cuisine has been incorporating and mixing different flavours which have created, in the last decade, a boom in Peruvian cuisine.

Peru has become a gourmet destination due to the care that is taken with the production of ingredients, and the country now offers food of the highest quality standard to the world. Not surprisingly, the country was recognised for the third time as the 'Best Culinary Destination' in South America, boosting the market for gourmet supplies and delicacies seeking global markets, following the export success in recent years of fine fruit and vegetables.

Just one of the specialties of Peru is the crop offresh fruits and vegetables.Due to its outstanding quality, much of the produce is exported. Given the sustained and growing demand, new companies have been expanding agricultural frontiers and adding new products to the export basket, becoming key trading partners for importers and distributors of these products. Also, is necessary to highlight the producers’entrepreneurial visionaimed to ensure proper supply of products in the time required.

For these reasons, Peru is now the world's leading exporter of asparagus and is in the top 5 countries supplying peppers, table grapes, mangoes, avocados, organic bananas and quinoa.

At present, Europe is the most important trading partner of Peru regarding agri-business exports, accounting for 36 per cent of peruvian shipments of non-traditional agri-products conformed by fruits and vegetables. The Peruvians have the purpose of obtaining a similar success with their products of gourmet character and to export the secrets of Peruvian cuisine.Peru is seeking to consolidate this product line, anchored in premier Peruvian cuisine, and recognised by global institutions like Restaurant magazine and The Food Channel, which rate Peruvian chefs and their preparations, as the cradle of culinary innovation in this decade.

In line with the goals that have been set, Peru has identified a number of trading platforms around the world for the promotion and diffusion of Peruvian products. Among these products are well known products such as peppers, artichokes, asparagus, mango, quinoa. There are also some gourmet and ethnic products such as exotic fruit jams, hot pepper pastes, yellow pepper, olives and artichoke tapenades, sachainchiand Giant Corn of Cusco snacks, not forgetting of course, the Peruvian national drink, Pisco.

Peru has something special for you. Try the Peruvian food products as for example the exquisite hass avocado or the delicious uva red globe - you'll be surprised! Take your time in Peru, because that’s a perfect idea make excellent business with this country and visit it.

Perfect in Peru

Uva red globe, the principal non-traditional peruvian productin China. 

Perfect in Peru

Hass avocado, exquisite peruvian fruit that captivates the world.