Things you should know during APEC in Beijing

Updated: 2014-11-03 15:52

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Visa entry and exit services in the capital will be suspended from Nov 7 to 12 but there will be “green channels” for emergency visa applications during this time in the entry-exit service areas of district public security bureaus. Visa services will also be available on Nov 15.


The Olympic Garden and Olympic Sports Center stations on Line 8 will not be accessible and no trains will service these two stops till Nov 10. The transfer station of Beitucheng on Line 8 and 10 will also be suspended on Nov 10.


Access to roads will be restricted near major events at the Bird's Nest Olympic stadium area and Yanqi Lake of Huairou district. These roads will only be partially open to vehicles with permits for APEC meetings from Oct 30 to Nov 11.

From Nov 7 to 12, the major roads linking the capital airport, East Second Ring Road and Jianwai Street may be restricted.

Postal services

Parcels and mail via China Post will be delivered as usual during the meetings with its vehicles allowed to run with the relevant permits. Deliveries might be delayed as bicycles and tricycles will be restricted inside the Sixth Ring Road.

Tourist spots

Attractions at the major convention areas will not be open to tourists during the meetings. These include the Bird’s Nest stadium and Water Cube swimming complex, and parks in Yanqi Lake of Huairou district. The Forbidden City, National Museum and other libraries will remain open.

Medical treatment

All municipal hospitals will be open for at least half a day every day from Nov 3 to 12.

Things you should know during APEC in Beijing Things you should know during APEC in Beijing

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