Impact of terror attack on Yunnan tourism limited

( Xinhua ) Updated: 2014-03-05 16:32:08

The terrorist attack in Southwest China's Kunming on Saturday has had and will have a limited impact on tourism in Yunnan province, the provincial tourism authority said on Tuesday.

Signs that tourism in the province had been affected emerged on Monday, when six domestic tour groups canceled their trips to the city, accounting for one percent of total Kunming-bound tour groups on that day, according to Yu Fan, deputy director of the Yunnan tourism development committee.

There have also been cancellations of Kunming-bound trips from overseas tour groups, Yu said, without specifying the number.

Yunnan is a major tourist province in China.

Yu added that no cancellation requests were made after police arrested three suspects involved in the terrorist attack on Monday night.

The committee said no trip cancellations have been reported for groups traveling to other parts of the province.

Officials statistics show that the number of tourists at ten major scenic spots in the province slid 5.49 percent on Monday but began to recover on Tuesday.

Yu said tourism authorities in Yunnan had started emergency response mechanism immediately after the attack and offered special care to injured tourists.

In the future, the province's tourism industry shall need to prepare itself for terrorist attack, which will involve necessary trainings for employees, Yu said.

A group of veiled men and women slashed at people frantically at Kunming's railway station on Saturday night, killing 29 civilians and injuring 143 others.

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