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Ebola threat sees three athletes miss Youth Olympics

( Updated: 2014-08-15 19:59

West African athletes from countries affected by the deadly Ebola outbreak have been banned from combat sports and swimming events at the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games which begin on Saturday.

Ebola threat sees three athletes miss Youth Olympics

Nanjing Youth Olympic Games 
Based on health authority guidelines it has been decided that two athletes will not be permitted to take part in combat sports and because of the inability to completely exclude the risk of potential infection one swimmer will be barred from the pool.

A joint communiqué from the International Olympic Committee and the Nanjing Organizing Committee said: "With regard to ensuring the safety of all those participating in the Youth Olympic Games and the people of the city of Nanjing we have been working closely with Chinese health authorities and under the guidance of the World Health Organization. We have been reassured by the health authorities that there have been no suspected cases and that the risk of infection is extremely unlikely."

Of the bans, the communiqué said: "We regret that some young athletes may have suffered twice, both from the anguish caused by the outbreak in their home countries and by not being able to compete".

Athletes unable to participate will be invited back to Nanjing in the future to take part in a sporting competition and experience the atmosphere and spirit of the city and Jiangsu province.

The Organizing Committee has made it clear that all delegations are welcome and each country is free to make their own decision on attendance. Those from the affected region will be subject to regular temperature and physical assessment throughout the period.

Ebola threat sees three athletes miss Youth Olympics Ebola threat sees three athletes miss Youth Olympics
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