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China's Guangdong entrepreneurs explore investment potential in Cambodia

(Xinhua) Updated: 2015-05-23 13:55

PHNOM PENH -- A group of 28 Chinese business executives from south China's Guangdong province is visiting Cambodia to seek business opportunities.

Delegation leader Ma Dongshan, vice chairman of Guangdong Chamber of International Commerce, said on Saturday that the visit to Cambodia was to explore opportunities to broaden trade and investment cooperation between the Chinese dynamic province and Cambodia.

"Through this trip, I believe that Chinese entrepreneurs from Guangdong will consider investing in agriculture, agro-industry, infrastructure, and tourism in Cambodia," he said.

According to Ma, the trade volume between Guangdong and Cambodia stood at $820 million dollars in 2013, up 38 percent year-on-year.

Speaking during a presentation to the delegation on the investment climate in Cambodiay, Mao Thora, secretary of state of the Cambodian Commerce Ministry, said Cambodia has potential for investments in agriculture, agro-industry, infrastructure, labor- intensive industry, export industry, oil and gas and tourism.

"Currently, Cambodia enjoys full political stability, good security and safety, and sound macroeconomic stability," he said. "Moreover, our laws provide a lot of preferences for investors."

He said products manufactured in Cambodia can get access to key world markets through trade preferences or duty-free because Cambodia is one of the least developed countries.

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