Chinese and foreign economists to exchange opinions at capital market session

Updated: 2013-11-13 17:28

(CHTF Organizing Committee)

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At 14:30-17:00 on November 16, China Hi-Tech Forum of CHTF 2013 – Capital Market Session will open in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. It is to be noted that Wu Xiaoqiu (Director of the Research Institute of Finance and Securities, Renmin University) and Christopher A. Pissarides (the Nobel Prize winner in economic sciences, a prestigious economist) will both appear at the session to exchange their opinions about the capital market.

Cheng Hongqiao, the vice general manager of Shenzhen Stock Exchange will host the forum, and one of the leaders in Shenzhen government will give a welcome speech. Three topics “Trend of World Economy and Opportunities and Challenges for Development of China”, “Trend and Analysis of Capital Market 2014”, and “Encourage Technical Innovation and Help Innovative Companies to Finance at the Capital Market” will be discussed at the forum.