Buses have priority over cars

Updated: 2012-03-27 08:21

(China Daily)

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In Jinhua, Zhejiang province, a bus company has urged its drivers to learn to identify luxury cars to avoid any accident with them, as such accidents result in expensive compensation claims. It seems that luxury cars have priority over buses on the streets now, says an article in people.com.cn. Excerpts:

It is awkward that buses have to stay clear of luxury cars. The bus company, which is applying this "keep-off" policy is not despising the poor and catering for the rich, it is just being realistic because it can not afford to pay the compensation if its buses are involved in accidents with a luxury car. Therefore, it wants to avoid any accidents.

But it is necessary for us to find out how there can be any accidents with luxury cars when the buses usually have their own lanes. The fact is some of the drivers of luxury cars drivers don't respect the rights of buses. This is the fundamental cause of the keep-off policy. Although it seems like the bus company is trying to avoid paying unnecessary compensation, the request to its drivers shows the conflict between public interests and private interests. Nowadays, some private car drivers cannot accept that buses should have priority on the road, and as there are no tough punishments to deter them, they break the rules. As buses cater to the majority citizens, they should have priority over private cars, even luxury ones.

(China Daily 03/27/2012 page9)