Good job, Premier Wen

Good job, Premier Wen

On Mar 14, 2012, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao held a press conference at the end of the 11th National People's Congress in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. The questions in the conference ranged from routine ones about social justice, diplomatic relations, economic growth as well as some sensitive issues about political reforms and disputable court decisions. Premier Wen also evaluated his own performance as it was his last year in office. 

Good job, Premier Wen

Good job, Premier Wen@Huiguangzhicheng1991 Sina Weibo user

There used to be two kinds of opinions about Wen: First, he is a senior official high above ordinary citizens. However, what we see is a respectable old man making every effort to serve the people with his heart and soul till the last moment. Second, he is a desolate leader. However, every one of us can feel a kind of motivation from him. Premier Wen has proved to his conduct by "doing whatever it takes to serve my country even at the cost of my own life, regardless of fortune or misfortune to myself". Salute Premier Wen! 

Good job, Premier Wen@Shenchengwugang Sina Weibo user

I could feel the tears in my eyes when I heard Premier Wen say "I sincerely hope that the people will forget me and all the concrete things that I've done for them. And they will fall into oblivion as one day I shall go to my eternal rest." A great man should make achievements during his lifetime, and Premier Wen's actions are all there to be seen. Indeed, ultimately, history will have the final say. Wen Jiabao, a great Premier of the people.

Good job, Premier Wen@Hansong Writer

There is only one theme in Premier Wen's three-hour press conference: a lack of understanding. It lies between Wu Ying and the court, between Wang Lijun and the public, between the Premier and the society, between the government and the people, between China and foreign countries, and between history and reality. As a matter of fact, almost all the explanations are in vain. Everyone is struggling in loneliness, and forgotten after death. Nevertheless, as long as we live, we should do our best to change the unjustifiably unchangeable. 

Good job, Premier Wen@Liguiwen Editor-in-chief, Nan Feng Chuang Magazine 

This is Premier Wen's last press conference on the two sessions. He could have summarized all his efforts and achievements in his term, but he did not. Instead, he confessed, “as head of the top executive body for the country, I should assume responsibility for the problems that have occurred in China's economy and society during my term of office, for which I feel truly sorry.” His sense of crisis makes a sharp contrast with the praise-singing officials people are so used to.

Good job, Premier Wen@HuixinJ Sina Weibo user 

After watching Premier Wen's press conference, I think his idealism as a classical Chinese intellectual is worth praising. He would make a wise minister in ancient times, being knowledgeable, rational and moderate. Those qualities are not often seen in China's leadership throughout the years. However, his efforts will be greatly restrained due to institutional factors, and we should not blame him for that.

Good job, Premier Wen@Liyichen Sina Weibo User 

The press conference, the last one during Wen's term of office, reflects a real shock in China's politics. The Premier answered all the sensitive questions ranging from the Chongqing incident to the direct election of senior officers. It showed a huge step forward for the Chinese media and gives the press a shot in the arm. A bright future is fully expected.

Good job, Premier Wen

In a more and more complex domestic and global context, openness and understanding should be specially valued in China. As Wen comes to his last year in office, we sincerely hope there will be more and more leaders with modesty and empathy for the people who can lead China to a brighter future.