How can graduates get jobs

Updated: 2012-02-10 08:07

(China Daily)

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Developments in the job market, which is peaking across the country, show that graduates with special skills are becoming increasingly popular with employers, says an article on Excerpts:

That fresh college graduates are finding it increasingly difficult to get a job has become common knowledge. There are three factors that have led to the situation.

First, college diplomas have lost their value to a certain extent because of the rising number of college graduates over the years. Second, not all courses taught in universities meet the demands of enterprises. And third, most fresh graduates lack the necessary skills, training and practical knowledge needed to get a job because very few of them participate in social practices.

There are more college graduates than the job market can absorb and the employment market suffers from serious structural contradictions. But there is a shortage of skilled workers, that is, craftsmen. Given the situation, graduates should undergo proper skill training to land a nice job.

But how will graduates learn the skills that are in demand? First, vocational education should be reformed. Universities, too, need to deepen their educational reform and set courses in accordance with enterprises' need. Also, college students should visit workshops to gain practical knowledge and even master skills.

Second, students should be encouraged to broadly engage in different social practices such as serving as volunteers, so that they can develop their organizing capacity, speechmaking ability and operational skills to create a deeper impression on interviewers.

And finally, local authorities should allocate more funds to support training programs for graduates and to help graduates start their own business.

(China Daily 02/10/2012 page9)