Supreme People's Court to boost judicial transparency


    Reforms spark legal brain drain


    Prisoners on death row to get free legal aid


    Circuit court begins hearing first appeals

  • Reforms reshape judges in Shanghai

    A total of 113 judges from Shanghai courts whose spouses or children are lawyers have quit the frontline positions such as trial and enforcement, Southern Metropolis Daily quoted Cui Yadong, president of the Shanghai municipal higher people's court, as saying.

  • Circuit court begins hearing first appeals

    The First Circuit Court of the Supreme People's Court heard its first dispute on Monday in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, a move designed to ease the burden on the country's top court.

  • China's supreme court launches case-tracking website

    The Supreme People's Court (SPC) on Thursday officially launched a website for parties to track the progress of their court cases in an effort to boost judicial transparency.

  • China grants more judicial independence to judges amid reform

    China's judges can expect more judicial independence with an upcoming key political meeting expected to spearhead unprecedented judicial reform, experts said.

  • Move to boost court transparency

    Details of more than 3,200 court spokesmen and spokeswomen, including their names, office addresses and phone numbers, have been published online.

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