• Progress of China’s judicial reform in 2015


    The Supreme People’s Court and courts across China had carried out a number of key pilot reforms and implemented 65 reform measures in 2015.

  • Judicial Reform of Chinese Courts


    China has been proactively, prudently and practically advancing the judicial reform based on China’s national conditions and current trends, which has made preliminary achievements.

  • A pioneer court for cross-regional cases


    The first cross-regional court in China, the Shanghai No 3 Intermediate People’s Court, celebrated its first anniversary in late 2015.

  • Couples in field of law face choice over jobs


    Prosecutors and judges whose spouses are lawyers, judicial auditors or judicial auctioneers have to choose whether they or their spouse will leave their positions, under a new rule implemented this year in Shanghai.

  • Gansu solves language problem in judicial work


    A judge presides over a trial with Mandarin while communicating in the minority language with a Tibetan litigant who doesn’t understand Mandarin.

  • Meddlers in court cases to be named


    Officials who intervene when a case is being investigated or reviewed will be recorded and investigated, under new procedures at Shanghai's top prosecuting agency.

  • Top court acts to protect lawyers' safety


    Chinese courts have been ordered to introduce measures to ensure the safety of lawyers during trials and punish those who threaten or beat attorneys, according to an official at the country's top court.

  • Credibility system helps court execute decisions through network connections


    By Dec 17, the Supreme People’s Court, working with a credibility rating platform, has on 130,000 occasions prevented people who fail to obey court monetary judgments from making online purchases or taking out a loan.

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