Supreme People's Court to boost judicial transparency


    Reforms spark legal brain drain


    Prisoners on death row to get free legal aid


    Circuit court begins hearing first appeals

  • Courts improve procedures

    The apology made by the Anhui provincial high people's court to 19 people who were wrongly convicted for fraudulent fundraising shows it is seeking to correct its past wrong rulings. But a set of fair and equitable judicial procedures is needed to prevent such judicial mistakes.

  • Debtors pay price for ignoring court rulings

    Li Chao failed to obey a court's verdict to repay a debt, and as a result found himself imprisoned.

  • Online mediation makes court debut in Shanghai

    The first online pre-litigation mediation platform in Shanghai was put into use by a district court on Tuesday, partly in response to a rising number of civil cases involving a foreign party.

  • Special fund set to support poorest minors in lawsuits

    A special fund to support financially strapped minors involved in lawsuits and criminal cases was launched by the Shanghai High People's Court and the Children's Foundation of Shanghai on Wednesday.

  • Shanghai pioneers quality approach to judicial reform

    China's first judge and first prosecutor to be selected from a new pool of seasoned legal professionals were appointed in Shanghai on Thursday as part of a reform aimed at building a highly capable and professional judicial team.

  • China issues white paper on judicial transparency

    China has rolled out the roadmap to the country's judicial and social reform, setting a timetable and verifiable targets for specific reform measures.

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