China will push forward judicial reform, says public security chief

Updated : 2016-01-22

China’s public security chief Meng Jianzhu has vowed that China will unswervingly push ahead with the ongoing judicial reform.

Top-level design of the reform will be improved and local explorations encouraged in order tocarry out judicial reform with Chinese characteristics, said Meng, who is a Politburo member and head of the Central Commission for Political and Legal Affairs of the Communist Party of China. He spoke during an inspection tour to Guangzhou and Shenzhen in south China’s Guangdong province from January 13 to 16.

Visiting the SPC’s First Circuit Court based in Shenzhen, Meng praised its achievements since its launch a year ago and encouraged it to continue pushing forward circuit court reforms.

Meng also lauded Shenzhen’s pioneering role in judicial reform. In 2014, Shenzhen took the lead in piloting reforms in personnel management and work mechanisms, which helped attract competent judges and procurators to the city and improved efficiency and quality in processing lawsuits.

In Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province, Meng visited the Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court. Since its launch more than a year ago, the court has handled various intellectual property disputes in an efficient and fair manner, with presiding judges finalizing an average of 260-plus lawsuits each. Meng encouraged the court to continue reform and innovation and improve its capacity to hear intellectual property disputes.

Also, Meng received work reports on Guangdong’s pilot judicial reform and presided over a seminar, asking representatives of news organizations to make proposals on judicial reform and political and legal affairs.

Meng also inspected public security work in Guangdong.