• Former legislator sentenced to 14 years in jail


    Meng Wei, former vice chairman of the Environmental Protection and Resources Conservation Committee of the National People's Congress, was sentenced to 14 years in prison on July 15 for taking bribes.

  • China's Hunan punishes defendants for mafia-style crimes


    Seventeen defendants were given sentences, ranging from the death penalty to prison terms, for mafia-style crimes in central China's Hunan Province on Monday, according to a local court.

  • Pharmacy chain CEO, 2 others sentenced in counterfeit mask case


    Li Dong, the CEO of a Beijing pharmacy chain, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for selling phony 3M face masks during the COVID-19 outbreak by the Chaoyang District People’s Court on June 19.

  • Former State tobacco official gets life imprisonment for bribery


    Zhao Hongshun, former deputy head of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, was sentenced to life imprisonment, deprived of political rights for life and had all his personal property confiscated for taking bribes worth over 90 million yuan ($12.7 million) on June 18.

  • Real estate firm founder gets jail time for molesting child


    A billionaire founder of a domestic real estate firm convicted of molesting a 9-year-old girl at a five-star hotel in Shanghai was sentenced to five years of imprisonment, the longest jail term for molestation under Chinese law, by a local court on June 17.

  • Former official receives 11-year sentence


    Xiang Junbo, former chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, was sentenced on June 16 to 11 years in prison for bribery..

  • Retrial begins for high-profile defendant in Yunnan


    On Monday the Yunnan High People's Court retried a high-profile case involving Sun Xiaoguo, who received the death penalty for multiple crimes but later had his sentence reduced to 20 years in prison due to the wrongful application of laws.

  • Man found guilty of sexual assault on another male


    Judicial and sexuality specialists approved of the penalty handed down in a Beijing court to a man who sexually assaulted another man, as it reflected progress in the rule of law and met the needs of social development.

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