Supreme People's Court to boost judicial transparency


    Reforms spark legal brain drain


    Prisoners on death row to get free legal aid


    Circuit court begins hearing first appeals

  • SPC launches online inquiry service for fishing vessels

    With the help of the Supreme People’s Court’s newly-opened fishing vessel inquiry platform, courts at all levels can identify and track people connected to fishing vessels who are subject to enforcement by searching for various details such as their identities, or the status of their mortgages or leases on the vessels.

  • China implements free legal aid services for foreign ligitants

    "If the Chinese lawyer hadn't actively defended me, I would have been executed, considering the amount of drugs seized and the serious harm it caused," said Theodoros Kourtidis after his 2014 conviction for transporting 2,775 grams of heroin in Yunnan province.

  • China's bank network to connect with Supreme Court

    All financial institutions in China are required to have their inner network connected with the Supreme People's Court (SPC) by the end of December.

  • Judicial reform highlighted in advancing ‘rule of law’

    Chinese courts are exploring modern management models and new operation mechanisms to optimize the structure of judicial powers.

  • Reforms may end 20-year legal fight

    After spending 20 years fighting to clear her dead son's name, Zhang Huanzhi is hopeful that a court will soon quash his conviction and grant a posthumous pardon.

  • Judicial reform in past five years

    Chinese courts reported punishing 50,415 minors in 2014, a reduction of about 10 percent from 2013. The drop indicated efforts to protect youngsters were effective.

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